E-toll battle looms

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

It’s the government versus the people of Gauteng now that SANRAL has announced that e-tolls on Gauteng highways will start within two months.

SANRAL claim that 600 000 e-tags have been registered, but there are nearly four million registered vehicles in Gauteng.

Most of the e-tags have gone to government vehicles rather than ordinary members of the public. The e-toll booths in shopping centres have not attracted many customers at all.

SANRAL faces an uphill battle in getting public acceptance.

The DA supports Gauteng motorists who exercise their free choice not to buy an e-tag.

There may well be further delays in the e-tolls as the DA will insist on public hearings in the Gauteng Legislature on the Transport and Related Matters Amendment Bill.

Even at this late stage Government should reconsider the e-tolls as public resistance could well make it unworkable and the Supreme Court of Appeal is due to consider the matter in September this year.


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