Failing to meet deadline borders on lack of service delivery

Joe McGluwa MP

DA Deputy Leader in North West

Reports the last two weeks by both the Provincial Working Committee (PWC) of the African National Congress (ANC) and the ANC Youth League of the Ngaka Modiri Molema region (ANCYL) on their failure to register a Ward Candidate for the by -election in ward 14 at Tswaing should be blamed on the lack of service delivery in Delareyville.

No amount of excuses or spinning regardless from which office will change the disappointment and consequences of the failure to register a candidate not only on time but without a bank guaranteed cheque in our new democracy. While it has become commonly known that the ANC is failing the people of the North West in general and the people of Delareyville in particular the DA will never ignore them.

Where the DA governs we put the people first.

It is really sad to see how this town (Delareyville) has been neglected. President Zuma and ANC Leaders has visited the North West to discussed numerous problems two months ago. Under the ANC residents became used to poor or non-existent service delivery. In Ngaka Modiri Molema district people sleep outside the traffic department offices to queue for learners and drivers licences. In Ottosdal, Sannieshof and Delareyville, the absence of water is a norm, Atamelang (part of Delareyville) was recently for six months without water.

This is not a question of blaming it on apartheid over 18 years; it’s a question about blaming it on the prolong and widespread factionalism within the NW ANC that stands in the way of service delivery. The people of Delareyville have every right to be angry with the ANC who has failed to comply with a simple criterion in registering a candidate for the Ward. And should the ANC attend the Local Party Liaison Committee (LPLC) meetings at the IEC this would have never happened. It is clear that people they put in power care more about themselves, and getting rich, than about serving them.

The DA in 2011 won the Ward from the ANC and is more likely to retain the ward with the ANC who is disqualified. The only two parties to participate in the by-election is the Democratic Alliance and the African Peoples Convention (APC).

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