Gauteng finances not improving as MEC claims

Mike Moriarty MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

Gauteng Finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe recently went on record to say that the finances of the Gauteng Provincial Government is improving as reflected in the “rise in unqualified audits for Gauteng departments”.

While the MEC is entitled to his own opinion, the facts unfortunately do not support his contention.

The summary of the general report on provincial audit outcomes for Gauteng (2011/12) recently released by the Auditor-General actually point to a worsened position. This is specifically the case with the parts of the government that are under its direct control – i.e. the provincial departments.

In the provincial departments there are now no longer any departments that have clean audits. In the year before last there were three.

There are now fewer departments with sound financial statements (i.e. the ones the AG calls “unqualified”). These have dropped from 92% of departments to 85%.

There is one department that was submitted late. The year before all submissions were submitted on time. But more alarmingly 15% of departments failed to submit at all! This is more than was the case in the previous year.

A DA-led administration in Gauteng would ensure that the financial matters of the province would be dealt with professionally and competently. Moreover, the public can rest assured that government communication regarding their public money and services would reflect the facts honestly and devoid of “spin”.

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