Hawks Closing in on ANC in Cederberg Municipality

Helmar Geyer

Democratic Alliance Constituency Head for Cederberg

On Friday, (12 April 2013) the Hawks clamped down on the corruption riddled ANC-run Cederberg Municipality.  After continuous protests and outcries from the Democratic Alliance about the total mismanagement of the Cederberg Municipality at the hand of the ANC, action is finally being taken.  The Hawks have seized computers and cellular phones owned by the municipality as part of their on-going investigation.

The Hawks investigation comes after the DA in Cederberg has written to the Public Protector on several occasions, regarding various issues of corruption and mismanagement. It is notable that during the Hawks’ search and seize operation the ANC Mayor, Jonas White, was nowhere to be found.

The DA is very happy with the progress that is being made in the investigation. We are confident that the complete truth of the ANC mismanagement in Cederberg will come to light.  The ANC can campaign as much as it wants, but its continuing record for corruption is getting the better of them. No amount of effort from Marius Fransman will change the fact that at a provincial and national level the ANC has taken the country back in history, all the way back to before 1994.  The DA has proven itself in service delivery and transparent government and will continue to do so in the Western Cape and the rest of South Africa.

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