KZN ANC’s schizophrenic approach to solving SADTU defiance

Tom Stokes, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Education

This week provided clear evidence that the current go-slow campaign by Sadtu in KwaZulu-Natal has gone well beyond the defined terms of “work to rule” which requires employees to carry out all the duties within the employment contract and refrain from doing any extra work.

This was apparent following a report by KZN’s Education HOD during a portfolio committee yesterday, who indicated that teaching and learning are being disrupted at schools and that the impact thereof is “far beyond what is currently printed in the media”.

Today, during a sitting of the provincial legislature, the Premier responded to the question by the DA – “what is the KZN ANC’s position on declaring education an essential service in order to curtail disruption to teaching time?”  The Premier’s response indicated the cracks and tensions within the ANC.  It revealed a schizophrenic response to reconcile the right to strike and the right to education, a responsibility to citizens and an obligation to its Cosatu members.

The Premier indicated that a conference was to be held with Sadtu to resolve key areas.  Twenty years of striking teachers and disrupted classes has left a major mark.  Yet the ANC is only now trying to work with Sadtu on how to separate wage disputes and consequent strike action from the day to day obligation of being on task on time.

After 20 years of governance, these issues should have been resolved.

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