Mathale must be recalled for misusing public coffers

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Premier Cassel Mathale has proved that he is shameless and doesn’t care about Limpopo citizens by using more than R100 000 of their money to attend the Cape Town Jazz festival.

The Star newspaper has reported that Mathale utilised the money to buy flight tickets, hotel accommodation for two nights, meals expenses including car rental in his personal capacity, not as the Premier. It is alleged that Mathale was accompanied by his wife and two bodyguards.

The DA is deeply concerned about Mathale’s behaviour for misusing the public coffers in attending an entertainment event instead of focusing on how best service delivery can be accelerated throughout the province.

There is a huge service delivery backlog that includes water shortages, sanitation, proper roads and dilapidated schools.

The money could have been used to change the lives of the citizens in the province.

We demand Mathale to apologise to the people of Limpopo and refund the money as a matter of urgency. Besides that, the ANC must recall Mathale with immediate effect before he continues to profligate more tax payers money.

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