Nearly half schools with no Matric maths are in Limpopo

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

A reply to a Democratic Alliance parliamentary question shows that of the 84 high schools nationally that did not teach Maths as a subject in 2012 for grades 10, 11 and 12, a staggering 37 of these schools are in Limpopo.

The reason is because there are no Maths teachers employed to teach at these schools.

This is a scathing indictment on our provincial department of education under MEC Masemola. He must urgently embark on a rigorous recruitment drive to fill this critical shortage.

Whilst the department has been mired in tender irregularities leading to its bankruptcy, it has done very little to carry out its mandate to employ more teachers in critical subjects.

Given MEC Masemola’s track record it is difficult to believe his undertaking to improve the teaching of Maths made during his 2013 budget speech.

During the 2011 budget speech on the subject of maths teaching, Masemola said “Mastec will continue to be funded to provide a platform to skill our educators so that we can remain the home of Maths and Science”.

In 2012 he again promised to” intensify implementation of HeyMath programme in the identified 300 primary and secondary schools”.

These promises are contrasted by reality; our province remains the highest with the number of schools not offering Maths as a subject.

In fact this reality belies Masemola often repeated claim that Limpopo is “home of Maths and Science”. He repeated again this claim in his 2013 budget speech.

Maths is a very important subject, without which our learners can gain entry into a number of career paths. It is absolutely imperative that it is thought in all schools in the province.

The DA urges MEC Masemola to start the drive to recruit teachers in Maths and Science.

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