No life-saving treatment for cancer patients in Polokwane Hospital

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Health

The DA demands an urgent meeting with the CEO of Polokwane Provincial Hospital Mr. Seati to deal with the pressing  issues of broken machines and patients’ files going missing.

This came to our attention after we paid an oversight visit to Ms. Patricia Phukubye in Seshego.

Ms. Phukubye was diagnosed with cervical cancer during an operation 2012 December.

Her treatment from this hospital was not only negligent but also a clear a violation of her right of access to health care. Her very life is put at risk.

On the 21 February she was admitted to Polokwane Hospital to begin with the cancer treatment. The following day she was discharged because she was told that the queue was too long.

She was again booked for the 25 March but only to be told this time that the simulator machines were not functional. She opted to consult privately but this was also frustrated because her file was now missing from the Oncology department of the Hospital.

To compound the matter, for the private practitioner to begin all the medical tests from the scratch is going to cost exorbitantly for this patient. Medical reports from the hospital are needed.

So for the period that this hospital is trying to locate her files, Ms. Phukubye is not getting the much needed medical treatment.

This is utterly unacceptable.

At today’s meeting the CEO must give us a detailed account of the steps he is going to take to discipline all those practitioners who were responsible for losing Ms. Phukubye’s file.  Otherwise the DA will be writing to the Health Professional Council of South Africa to report this medical negligence.

He must also explain how is he going to ensure that machines are properly working and no one in the future is turned away from receiving treatment at this hospital because machines are not working.

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