Opposition’s Kheis success story

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance congratulates Paul Vries on his election as mayor of the Kheis municipality in Groblershoop following yesterday’s by-election.

The people have spoken. The words of ANC provincial spokesperson, Gail Parker, who stated in the media that the party was set to win the by-election in Groblershoop, proved null and void.  The election of Vries as opposition mayor of a previously ANC dominated municipality is proof thereof that the people are no longer blinded by the ANC’s empty promises and food parcels. It was indeed encouraging for me to see just how many young people, specifically born-frees, came to vote. These young people realize that the future of this province and this country depends on their participation in democratic processes. We wish to thank all voters for having the courage to usher in desperately needed change.

The ANC received 865 votes whilst the joint-opposition received a total of 1168 votes at yesterday’s by-election. In other words, it was a sweeping victory, indicative of a rapidly changing political landscape, no longer dominated by an allegiance to a once respectable party, but rather a longing for clean and efficient government that can pave the way for economic prosperity.

The opposition in the Northern Cape now boasts five coalition municipalities, including Hantam, Karoo-Hoogland, Thembelihle, Nama-Khoi and Kheis. This is proof of what can be achieved when we chose to stand together and fight for what is right. We are further confident that this number will continue to grow.  In fact, political analyst of from the North West University, Professor André Duvenhage, reportedly indicated in the Rapport of 21 April, that it looks as if the ANC is going to lose the Northern Cape province in the 2014 election.

The DA wishes to thank all the men and women who worked day and night to secure this victory for the opposition. Your hard work in the struggle towards a prosperous Northern Cape does not go unnoticed and will surely yield dividends in next year’s national elections.

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