Police Brutality – MP’s run in with metro cops highlights need for inquiry

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The recent alleged incident of police brutality against Thandile Sunduza, Member of Parliament and Chairperson of the National Assembly Portfolio Committee on Arts and Culture, highlights the need for a commission of inquiry into police brutality in Gauteng.

According to a report Sunduza has laid charges of intimidation and malicious damage against the Johannesburg Metro Police (JMPD) for allegedly smashing into her car and hurling insults at her.

The DA condemns the brutish action by the JMPD and trust that the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against the officers involved.

The incident again highlights the need for a comprehensive investigation to determine the extent of police brutality and the reasons for the breakdown in relations between communities and the police.

Section 206(8)(a) of the Constitution empowers the province to “investigate, or appoint a Commission of Inquiry into any complaints of police inefficiency or a breakdown in relations between the police and any community”.

People in Gauteng are too scared to get out of their cars when pulled over by metro police and are being bullied and forced to pay bribes by police across the province.

We cannot hope to effectively address the problem unless we know how big it is or why it exists in the first place.

Perhaps this high profile incident will finally ensure that the provincial government acts on increasing reports of police brutality across Gauteng.

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