President Zuma must intervene in Thaba Chweu governance crisis

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

President Jacob Zuma must immediately intervene in the Thaba Chweu governance crisis, as it becomes increasingly clear that Mpumalanga premier David Mabuza and the provincial ANC have neither the political will nor authority to deal with the political factionalism within the local ANC.

On the 10th of April the ANC Youth League of the Bohlabela region sent a letter to premier Mabuza demanding, among others, the resignation of mayor Michael Ncongwane, the removal of certain councillors, and that municipal manager Burton Khoma not be subject to council oversight in the appointment and promotion of staff. The premier was given three days to respond.

The letter not only demonstrates the ANCYL’s ignorance of municipal legislation, but also its inability to differentiate between the ANC, its structures, and government. It holds no authority over the deployment of police station commanders or councillors, least of all the location of the community radio station.

In fact, the letter clearly shows the deep divisions within the ANC and its structures in Thaba Chweu, and residents are now forced to suffer the consequences as service delivery has completely collapsed.

The DA has already called on cooperative governance MEC SPD Skhosana and premier David Mabuza to intervene administratively and politically, but so far, we have only seen the establishment of a technical task team which has yet to complete its mandate.

Premier Mabuza, as provincial ANC chairperson, is yet to intervene politically in Thaba Chweu, leaving the DA in very little doubt that the provincial ANC is unable to deal with the crisis.

The premier’s failure leaves the DA no choice but to write to president Zuma in his capacity as ANC president, requesting him to intervene and sort out the divisions in the local and provincial ANC.

The Thaba Chweu governance crisis is an ANC problem and must be solved by the ANC. People must not be forced to suffer poor service delivery as a consequence of the ANC’s internal issues.

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