Residents wait 12 years for houses

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Residents in Makhado, Limpopo, can’t apply for RDP houses because the Municipality says they apparently got homes 12 years ago.

But the houses which the municipality started building in 2001 were never completed even though residents are registered as RDP occupants on the system.

Over 132 RDP houses were meant to be built as part of the Tshikota Hostel development.

Now these families are living in shacks in the area without the ability to apply for RDP houses.

The DA investigated the housing development yesterday after receiving complaints from the community.

We are calling on the Cooperative Governance MEC Clifford Motsepe must urgently intervene at Tshikota Hostel.

In our oversight visit yesterday ,we noted that the hostel was meant to be built 12 years ago but the municipality stopped construction in 2003.

The apparent beneficiaries of these units have no place to stay and when they try to re-apply for RDP , the system shows that those people have already benefited and they cannot benefit twice.

The DA is concerned that the municipality could have mistakenly thought these people were living in houses that were never built 12 years ago.

The DA wants the MEC to account to residents in a public meeting at Tshikota and come up with measures to deal with the situation.

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