Schools Must Not Fail To Participate In Centralised Procurement Of Textbooks

Edmund van Vuuren MPL

Shadow MEC for Education

The DA welcomes the call of the Eastern Cape Department of Education for schools to participate in the Centralised Procurement of Textbooks for 2014.

Schools that rely on the state to supply them with textbooks must take advantage of the Eastern Cape Department of Education’s call for registration for the Centralised Procurement of Textbooks 2014, as advertised in today’s provincial newspapers (subs:  The Herald p. 4 Daily Dispatch p. 18).

The DA welcomes and supports the department’s pro-active efforts to get schools listed for textbook procurement for next year so far in advance.

I believe that the centralisation of textbook procurement has major benefit for schools with regard to pricing for bulk purchases, rather than buying by individual schools.

I want to press it upon the hearts and minds of principals and personnel responsible for procurement to heed the deadline for those schools wishing to participate, of 30 April 2013.  Failure to do so will result in excluded schools being responsible for the procurement of their own textbooks for 2014.

Education is the ticket to a better future.  In this instance we support the endeavours of the department to have a larger supply of books to schools.  Through this system schools will have access to larger quantities of textbooks regardless of their normal budgets.

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