The DA’s plan for economic growth in Gauteng

Gavin Lewis MPL (DA Economic Development Spokesperson in Gauteng)

John Moodey MPL (DA Provincial Leader)

Note: The following information regarding the DA’s plan for economic growth in Gauteng was released today during a press conference held in Johannesburg by DA Economic Development Spokesperson in Gauteng, Dr Gavin Lewis MPL, DA Provincial Leader, John Moodey MPL, DA Leader in the Provincial Legislature, Jack Bloom MPL, and DA Education Spokesperson in Gauteng, Khume Ramulifho MPL.

Today, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is releasing its plan for economic growth in Gauteng. As South Africa’s leading provincial economy, which produces 34% of the country’s GDP, Gauteng is vital to the success of national economic growth. Each province faces its own challenges and our plan is especially tailored to address issues which are unique to Gauteng.

This province remains the economic heartland of South Africa and the DA recognises the need for Gauteng to lead the way in creating jobs and expanding opportunities. Under the current ANC-led government, our economy is only growing at 3% a year. We need to turn South Africa into an economy that grows at 8% a year in order to release South Africans from a life locked in poverty.

The DA has a plan to do this. National and provincial elections are just over a year away and the DA has a plan to turn this province around come 2014. A DA-run provincial government would ensure that the citizens of this province are provided with opportunities and resources to become productive members of society. Barriers to economic growth in Gauteng include a deteriorating infrastructure, high crime rates, skills shortages, corruption and a lack of support for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs). The informal trading sector also remains a target of unnecessary police harassment. In addressing each of these problems, we will be able to open up the economy and create thousands of jobs.

The DA has already demonstrated that where we govern, we govern better and create more opportunities for more people. In the DA-governed Midvaal municipality we have set up a Leadership Programme in alliance with local tertiary institutions and NGO’s. The programme provides teaching modules on marketing, entrepreneurship, life skills and leadership to unemployed matric graduates and is developing a proven track record of successfully placing graduates in local jobs.

In the DA-governed Western Cape, we have proved that the Youth Wage Subsidy can work through the implementation of the Work and Skills programme. This initiative has assisted thousands of young people gain valuable work experience and often permanent employment. DA-run municipalities across the country are cutting the red-tape which prevents small business growth and supporting local entrepreneurs, thereby creating more opportunities and more jobs.

The DA will replicate these successes, as well as address issues which are unique to Gauteng. With the correct policies, and strong political leadership which focuses on service delivery and not enriching a few political elite, Gauteng can become a machine for South Africa’s economic success.

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