Why is Sanral so stubborn on E-Tolls?

Jack Bloom MPL DA Gauteng Caucus Leader Reports today indicate that the SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) is not ready to implement e-tolls on Gauteng highways in the face of the expected high level of non-compliance. According to Radio 702’s Eyewitness News and the Daily Maverick, SANRAL has been hit by bad maintenance and faulty equipment. SANRAL has admitted that it is battling to get sub-contractors to do crucial on-going maintenance of equipment. Its Violation Processing Centre has 200 staff members, which according to sources will not be enough to handle a violation rate of more than 60 percent. The question is why SANRAL is so stubborn in pushing ahead with the e-tolls. SANRAL has not been honest about its preparedness to implement the e-tolls. Suspicions are raised about who is benefiting from the e-toll contracts as it is clear that the sensible thing is to scrap these contracts and use the fuel levy to finance the highways.

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