DA Call for Swift Action Following Endumeni Arson Attack

Radley Keys, MPP DA KZN Alternate Spokesperson on COGTA TODAY, during a meeting of the KZN COGTA portfolio committee, the DA called for a speedy resolution to the ongoing crisis in Endumeni after the acting municipal managers office was petrol bombed last night. The DA strongly condemns this act of arson. After nineteen years of democracy this is not the way politics in our country should be played out. Today the KZN COGTA committee resolved that the incident be investigated as a matter of extreme importance. The conflict which led to the attack emanates from the suspension of former Municipal Manager Biyela for allegedly falsifying his educational and other qualifications in his application for the position. Despite the DA’s objection to Biyela’s employment in 2012, the council went ahead and appointed him. Six months down the track it was confirmed that his application contained falsified information. According to legislation this must result in immediate dismissal. On Thursday, 25 April Biyela’s appeal to declare his suspension null and void was dismissed with costs. The DA supports the council’s decision to suspend Biyela, pending a disciplinary inquiry. Further we demand that the matter is expedited as a matter of urgency, and that it is transparent so that all the citizens of Endumeni can witness the process which must be fair and just. The primary function of the council and all its employees is the quality delivery of services to all the people. The appointment of unqualified and under experienced officials, along with political infighting undermines the council’s ability to deliver. The DA expects the municipal management to now direct its attention to appoint a fit and proper person to drive its delivery programme. Finally, we call on the police and the judicial system to ensure that the perpetrators of this crime are arrested and charged and convicted so all the people can see that the Rule of Law prevails.

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