DA commemorates International Missing Children’s Day

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chairperson – Mpumalanga

Saturday May 25 the world commemorates International Missing Children’s Day, and this year, in honour of all missing children, the DA in Mpumalanga will join the movement and dress in the day’s official colours of black, red and white.

In South Africa 304 children were reported missing from December 2011 to November 2012, and while 274 were found through the diligent efforts of Missing Children South Africa, more needs to be done to fight this scourge on our society.

With thousands of children disappearing world-wide and in South Africa, it became essential to establish a day where awareness of this threat to our children could be raised, simultaneously paying homage to missing children and honouring those who found their way home.

“Some people leave our lives unexpectedly, we hold on to the memories, and spend the rest of our lives searching for little reminders of them”

Although burying a child is one of the most traumatic, devastating experiences an adult can encounter – especially for parents, family and friends – there is little more painful than the disappearance of a child. One never gets closure and never stops searching.

It is this uncertainty that parents, family members, friends and mentors of children who go missing across the world every year have to endure. With sadistic crimes against children, child trafficking, child prostitution and many other brutal and inhumane crimes against children on the rise, suffering through such an experience is both devastating and terrifying.

The DA calls on all South Africans, to join hands with us and millions across the world as we commemorate International Missing Children’s Day, by wearing black red and white Saturday. Please take photos of how you commemorated the day, submit it to Missing Children South Africa, who will post it on their website.

Join the DA and Missing Children South Africa as we raise awareness to this scourge on our society, and by so doing, securing a safer and better tomorrow for the world’s children.

Remember to wear black, white or red tomorrow – a small gesture for a global problem!

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