DA congratulates Lucas on new appointment

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Leader  

The Democratic Alliance congratulates Sylvia Lucas on her appointment as Premier. Lucas is a people’s person and has always been very accessible, and we expect that she will remain just as accessible to all the people of the Northern Cape.

We live in a beautiful province with a lot of potential. However, we also have a lot of challenges in this province. Our economy is growing too slow to address unemployment. A total of 41% of the population are dependent on social grants. Soup kitchens have grown by 52% and unemployment amongst the youth stands at 70%.

The Premier needs to ensure that departments work closer together in order to create an environment in which the economy can flourish. In this regard, she needs to commit this administration to creating real opportunities for our people and at the same time balance this with a proper safety net for vulnerable people in the province.

Most importantly, we also need a Premier who will act against MEC’s who are corrupt, and MEC’s who do not perform.  

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