‘Know your DA’ campaign to sweep across Mpumalanga

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

As part of the DA’s National Blue Blitz weekend, DA public representatives, members, activists and staff, will this weekend take to the streets of Mpumalanga to spread the word on the DA’s untold story and the role our party, its predecessors and leaders played in the fight against Apartheid. Our efforts form part of the DA’s National ‘Know Your DA’ campaign.

Starting tomorrow, the provincial leadership, councillors, activists and volunteers will be in the streets of Mpumalanga, from Dr JS Moroka to Nkomazi, from Mkhondo to Bushbuckridge, engaging residents on the contribution of Helen Suzman, Helen Zille, Patricia De Lille, Wilmot James, Jo Seremane and other great DA leaders in the struggle against apartheid.

With close on 120 information tables, door-to-door visits and outreach activities planned for this weekend, residents of our province will hear the truth of Helen Suzman, who was our lone member of parliament for 13 years and is recognised worldwide for her fearless opposition to Apartheid and the National Party government.

As one of South Africa’s greatest citizens, she vehemently opposed legislation which offended the rights and dignity of millions of South Africans, such as detention without trial, the pass laws, the Group Areas Act and many others.

The “Know your DA” campaign is specifically aimed at putting an end to the misconceptions about the DA, and what we stand for. It is also through this campaign that people will hear of our efforts to uphold the Constitution and prevent the abuse of power, and as the most diverse political party in South Africa, truly carry the interests of every South African close to our hearts.

Mpumalanga, like the rest of South Africa, have to know the truth about the DA, and this weekend, like many others in the months to come, will see the DA’s blue wave sweeping across our province.

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