No basic services since 1974 for Limpopo community

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Local Government

A visit today to Matebeleng in Ward 12,  Mokopane revealed a community that is totally neglected by the governing party.

There are 40 households in this community and they have had none of the basic service delivery such as water, electricity, or housing and sanitation.

This community existed in this area since 1974.

However two decades into democracy this community has never had a single RDP house built for them.

In fact during our visit we found a group of community members waiting for a truck to deliver water for them. This truck comes once a week and is sponsored by a private local businessman.

The borehole that is meant to give them water is not functional and has not been serviced for 7 years since it was installed.  The DA Councillor in this municipality, Beyers Smit,  has persistently been trying to get the municipal officials to fix the borehole machine.

The community has in the past been promised by the municipality that they will be moved to an adjacent area where houses will be built. This promise was made in 2004 and nothing has happened.

The mobile clinic comes only once a month.

This community resembles a pre-democratic  South African reality.  These people  have not had any benefits of the democratic dispensation.

At the parliamentary sitting next week the DA will be reading a member’s statement on the plight of this community in order to bring it to the attention of Local Government MEC Clifford Motsepe. He must, at that sitting, undertake  to get to the bottom of the problems faced by this community.

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