Only 55 metro cops for entire Tembisa

Paul Willemburg MPL

Gauteng East Regional Chairperson

The Ekurhuleni Metro Police Department (EMPD) currently only has 34.71% of the police officers it requires to optimally fight crime in Gauteng’s East Rand. It is even worse in Tembisa, where the two metro stations only have 55 officers serving the entire area.

The revelation is on the back of the EMPD strike currently underway.

With almost 3.2 million people in Ekurhuleni according to Census 2011, there is effectively one metro cop for every 2 035 people in the East Rand.

The EMPD needs between 4 500 and 5 000 metro police officers, but currently only has 1 562 at its 20 stations across the region. This represents a minimum shortage of 2 938, or 65%.

Crime prevention, specifically through visible policing, is one of the key functions of the metro police in terms of section 64E(c) of the South African Police Service Act (No 68 of 1995).

Visible policing is only effective if there are enough adequately trained and equipped on-duty officers to be visible to deter criminals and limit opportunities to commit crime.

I will submit follow up questions to the MEC for a detailed breakdown of the allocation of officers to each region in Ekurhuleni. I will also request that the DA Ekurhuleni caucus pursue this matter with Executive Mayor Mondli Gungubele.

The fight against rampant violent and contact crime in Ekurhuleni is a priority for the DA and a cornerstone of our offering to the people of Gauteng. A well trained, properly equipped and highly mobile metro police service is absolutely critical in the fight against crime in Ekurhuleni.

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