Premier’s Inauguration: Call for Probe into NCPL Inauguration Procedure

Ismail Obaray (ID MPL) Spokesperson on the Legislature & SCOPA The Independent Democrats (ID) will be writing to the Speaker of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL), Jacobus van Wyk, requesting that he explain what procedure was followed, and where the funding was obtained, in arranging the recently held inauguration of the Acting Premier, Sylvia Lucas. This comes after a dramatic House Sitting this week convened by the Speaker, at which the ANC had sought a two-thirds vote in the House to remove the current Premier, Hazel Jenkins, and vote in Environment & Nature Conservation MEC, Sylvia Jenkins. A united Opposition in the House, refusing to be bull-dozed, objected on the grounds that the entire run-up to the House Sitting had been un-procedural, and that any consequent inauguration would be unconstitutional. Needless to say, the ANC found a way around this, and through an Executive decision, removed the current Acting Premier, Griezelda Cjiekella, and appointed Lucas. The dust from this wrangle in the House may have settled, but the stench of scandal still persists. Where did the money for the inauguration come from, and on what legal basis was it allocated and spent? The ID is of the firm view that the NCPL and the Office of the Premier owe the people of the Northern Cape a detailed explanation in this regard. Where did the money to rent out a lavish marquee, live music, catering, and transport for people from all over the province, come from? This is a question of following due process, and holding people to account. I will also be submitting parliamentary questions to the Office of the Premier, to ascertain whether her Department had spent any funds for the inauguration. The ID, like all other Opposition parties represented in the NCPL, do not object to the relieving of the currently incapacitated Premier and voting in a new one. We simply believe that due process must be followed, and that we make sure that our actions as MPL’s is lawful and Constitutional.

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