Sanral’s E-Toll arrogance an election issue

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

SANRAL’s announcement that implementation of e-tolls on Gauteng highways is “imminent” shows arrogance of the highest order.

The mass boycott of e-tags will make the e-tolls unviable even though SANRAL is trying to sweeten the poll by dropping the maximum monthly bill for a light vehicle from R550 to R450 a month.

Motorists are not stupid. They know that the rate can be increased anytime that SANRAL chooses once the system is up and running.

The next elections are less than a year away.

If the public are denied their input now, they will certainly express their frustration at the polls.

The e-tolls will be a fierce-contested election issue that will cost the ANC badly.

The DA will campaign strongly in 2014 for the e-tolls to be scrapped.

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