Tractors Worth Millions Gathering Dust in Vrede

ROY JANKIELSOHN MPL DA FREE STATE SPOKESPERSON FOR AGRICULTURE AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT The DA will submit questions to the MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development in the Free State, Ms M. Qabathe, about a large number of tractors and farm implements worth millions of rands that are gathering dust at the Vrede showgrounds. The implements and tractors were donated to the province by the national government for distribution to various beneficiaries within the Free State. These implements and tractors have been gathering dust for a year at the Vrede showgrounds and are already showing signs of neglect. I visited the terrain yesterday (2 May 2013) to inspect the the implements and tractors. I found 24 Massey Furguson Tractors (628’s and 290’s), 6 trailers (6 ton), 16 planters, 8 ploughs, and about 46 other pieces of tractor drawn farm equipment (see attached photographs). All the implements and tractors are new. These implements and tractors could already have been utilized to assist farmers to plant crops in the last planting season. At this stage they are however gathering dust and are being neglected due to the lack of maintenance. It is also alleged that at least one tractor has been loaned out to an individual for private use. Both emerging and commercial farmers in the Free State are badly in need of such equipmement. It is an absolutely absurd that these implements and tractors are wasting away. The DA will submit the questions below to the MEC in the legilature in order to get more clarity on this matter. Roy Jankielsohn to ask the MEC for Agriculture and Rural Development: In view of the large numbers of farm implements and tractors standing at the Vrede showgrounds; 1. how many of each type of implements and tractors are meant to be standing at this terrain respectively, 2. what is the value of the tractors and implements at the this terrain, 3. who are the respective targeted beneficiaries to receive each of these implements and tractors, 4. what items will each of the respective targetted beneficiaries receive, 5. when will the tractors and implements be delivered to the respective targetted beneficiaries, and 6. whether any of these items have been loaned out to any individuals for use, if so, what are the relevant details?

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