Troubled Gauteng Department Fails to Create 13 500 Jobs

Dr Gavin Lewis

DA Gauteng Spokesperson on Economic Development

The Gauteng Department of Economic Development (DED) continues to fail at its primary task of economic development and job creation, having failed to create more than 13 500 of its targeted jobs in the first three months of this year. The continued inability of the department to fulfil its primary mandate in a province with more than 1.8 million or 30.4% unemployed people is shocking. DED met only 11.8% of its direct temporary and permanent job creation targets, and the youth suffer most with only 60, or 1.5% of the targeted 4 000 jobs delivered. The department aimed to create more than 15 000 jobs between January and March but according to DED’s latest quarterly report it delivered only 1 813. A breakdown is provided below:


Direct Permanent Jobs

Direct Temp Jobs

Total Jobs








Youth Employment

2 484


1 516


4 000


Growth and Development

3 123

1 229



3 123

1 229

Gauteng Tourism

6 535


1 705


8 240



12 142

1 282

3 221


15 363

1 813

 None of the six Township Enterprise Hubs were established and, due to the complete failure and eventual termination of the Y-AGE programme, only 6 400 of the 50 000 targeted entrepreneurs received support in enterprise development. The department’s current inability to deliver stands in stark contrast to the track-record of the DA. The DA has already demonstrated that where we govern, we govern better and create more opportunities for more people. With the correct policies, and strong political leadership which focuses on service delivery and not enriching a few political elite, Gauteng can become a machine for South Africa’s economic success and create the necessary jobs for people to thrive. The DA’s plan for economic growth and jobs in Gauteng offer the people of this province exactly that.

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