300 People Freeze on Joburg Streets

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

Last night I visited some 300 people who have been living on the streets in Marshalltown in Johannesburg’s inner city for more than ten days after being evicted from their building.

They were evicted from 3 Hardy Street in Marshalltown on 29 May, but have challenged this in the courts.

Last Friday the judge ruled in their favour, but the owner of the building has appealed so they remain locked out.

It’s very sad as they freeze in the cold, including young children. Their possessions are scattered on the pavement.

Many of the evictees have lived at 3 Hardy Street since 2000. They made a proposal to buy the building from the Johannesburg Metro Council for R350 000, but it was mysteriously sold for a much lower amount to the new owners who then proceeded to evict them.

The suspicion is that corrupt officials colluded to sell the building to the present owner.

A legal application has been made so that they can return to the building while the appeal is being heard. This will hopefully be heard tomorrow.

DA councillors will ask questions in the council about why this building was not sold to the residents.

More details can be obtained from Kenneth Dube at 074 465 7754 who is one of the evictees.

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