ANC chooses not to participate in democratic space

Alta Rossouw MPP

DA Chief Whip Western Cape Provincial Parliament

Claims of censorship and closing of democratic space by the ANC MPP’s in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament are unfounded, false and very ironic.  The ANC’s lack of participation in this provincial legislature is shocking.  ANC MPP’s regularly do not attend Standing Committees and Public Hearings.

On Tuesday, 11 June 2013, the ANC representative did not attend an Education oversight visit to  Kuils Rivier and Woodstock. The ANC MPP serving on the Human Settlements Committee was also absent from the Human Settlements Standing Committee Meeting. The ANC representative was also absent during the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Environmental Planning visit to Elsenburg.

On Wednesday, 12 June 2013, the ANC MPP serving on the Standing Committee for Health did not attend the Public Hearing on the Western Cape District Health Councils Amendment Bill.  The ANC MPP serving on the Standing Committee for Finance was also absent during the three public hearings that took place;

  • Public Hearings on Tourism Bill
  • Public Hearing on Western Cape Investment and Trade Promotion Agency Amendment Bill
  • Public Hearing on Western Cape Eighteenth Gambling and Racing Amendment Bill

These are just a few examples in a line of absences by the ANC MPP’s in various Standing Committees. They are choosing not to participate in democracy. Their absences from these important oversight visits and public hearings are clear demonstrations on how they are ignoring the voters that elected them to offices. They are neglecting their constituents. The MPP’s receive salaries every month to attend these meetings and fulfill government roles. The ANC MPP’s freely choose not to do so.

This is a demonstration of what the ANC‘s attitude towards democracy is. It is not the DA denying their right to free speech.  It is the ANC showing a complete disregard for our democracy.

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