Compromising Op-eds

Tom Stokes, MPP

Democratic Alliance

The efforts of ANC Provincial Chair Senzo Mchunu, and now MEC Ravi Pillay to stop the hemorrhaging of Indian and Coloured voters from the ANC to the DA are pathetic. At the centre of their psychosis is an inability to deracialize their political thinking and at the same time try to make Indians and Coloureds “feel at home in the ANC”.

The truth of the matter, borne out in almost every Provincial Legislature debate, is that the ANC thinks race, talks race and acts race.   Its members cannot understand that the DA has moved the debate beyond yesterday’s preoccupation with past divisions, and that our citizens are joining the DA not because they “feel at home” but because they become the home.

The simple arithmetic speaks against all the ANC fabrications that the DA is a White dominated party. In a country where the total White population is under 10%, and where the DA holds 25% of the vote, even the most disadvantaged school learner can work out that most DA members are from different population groups.

It is a pity that both Mchunu and Pillay have compromised their integrity by expounding blatant falsehoods about the DA for quick political gains.

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