Corruption list – Name and shame Block, Botes & Botha

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape – Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance will write to the National Minister of Constitutional Development, Jeff Radebe, requesting him to place the names of MEC’s John Block and Alvin Botes, as well as former Northern Cape HOD for Social Development, Yolanda Botha, on his corruption list.

Radebe has already named and shamed 40 people for their involvement in corruption. This comes after he committed, in February this year, to publish “all the names of people who have been convicted in cases of corruption and all those whose assets have either been frozen or have been forfeited to the state”. He is also apparently due to name and shame another 3000 people in the months to come “so the public will know these rotten apples of South African society”.

The DA is of the view that Block, Botes and Botha are rotten apples and that they qualify to be placed on the corruption list. This, as the National Prosecuting Authority has again confirmed that the Asset Forfeiture Unit was attaching John Block’s R3 million Upington guesthouse. This comes after reports last year that a  Northern Cape court had issued an order for freezing assets belonging to Northern Cape ANC leader and finance MEC John Block, then social services MEC Alvin Botes, who is now MEC of COGHSTA, as well as Northern Cape ANC treasurer and MP Yolanda Botha.

The DA supports the prosecution and exposure of all those involved in corruption, in particular politicians, who should be held to the highest standards.  Hence, if government is serious about fighting corruption, then Block, Botes and Botha too will be named and shamed. Any action to the contrary will show up Radebe’s anti-corruption campaign as nothing but a farce.

The NPA action against Block, Botes and Botha follows the Trifecta building scandal at the Northern Cape Department of Social Development, where it is alleged that Block, in his position as then MEC of Public Works, used his influence to award the work to the Trifecta Group at inflated leases, in turn receiving kickbacks along with MP Yolanda Botha and MEC of Coghsta, Alvin Botes.

The tables are finally starting to turn on corrupt politicians in the Northern Cape and we can only hope that the provincial leadership, not least of all new Premier Sylvia Lucas,  wakes up to this fact and takes action against the likes of Block and Botes, before her whole administration comes crashing down on her.

The DA will write to Radebe stating our case for placing Block, Botes and Botha on his corruption list. Then we will wait with bated breath too see if the triple B’s make it onto the list, as this will be the true test to establish where national government’s anti-corruption sentiments lie.

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