DA demands accountability for Orange Farm RDP house sale fraud

John Moodey MPL

DA Gauteng Provincial Leader

Yesterday, the DA in Gauteng, along with members of the Orange Farm community, opened a fraud case against a ward committee member and a City of Johannesburg Housing Department official for allegedly selling RDP houses for between R20 000 and R40 000.

I was accompanied by DA Johannesburg Housing spokesperson Cllr Tsepo Mhlongo and DA Johannesburg Cllrs Vasco da Gama and Sizwe Mnguni to the De Deur Police Station in Orange Farm to take action where Johannesburg Housing MMC Cllr Dan Bovu failed to do so. Bovu took no action and did not open a criminal case despite the DA providing him with all the relevant documentation.

Unfortunately police officers at the station were reluctant to open the case of fraud and corruption regarding the illegal sale of RDP Houses in Kenana, Orange Farm. It took my intervention to ensure that the complaint was processed.

This, coupled with the appalling state of the police station is indicative of the level of service the community receives from their local police.

Neither the South African nor the Police Flag was flying at dawn as required and were only hoisted at 10:00 at my insistence. Sergeant Hoffman Mapasa, the Client Service Centre Relieve Commander, indicated that he had forgotten to give instructions to fly the flag as required by Police Standing Orders. The Station was also found in a very dirty and unkempt state, in particular the male toilets (photo available upon request).

I will submit questions to the Gauteng Community Safety and Local Government and Housing MECs regarding the alleged illegal RDP house sale case and the appalling state of this police station.

The community of Orange Farm deserve better than being ripped off by ward committee members and officials while the police stand idly by and do nothing.

The DA today demonstrated that we will not tolerate fraud and corruption, and that a DA government in Gauteng will champion effective service delivery in all communities.

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