DA KZN: Endumeni – a municipality in crisis

Radley Keys, MPP

DA KZN Alternate Spokesperson on COGTA

The Democratic Alliance calls on KZN COGTA MEC, Nomusa Dube, to urgently intervene in Endumeni following reports that the Mayor has taken it upon himself to take control of the municipality – suspending the municipal manager and dismissing three senior managers.

At the heart of the problem is the ongoing political infighting between factions of the ANC.  This ongoing dissent is having a severe impact on the administration of the town, with service delivery coming to a standstill.

The DA views, with disbelief, that fact that the MEC’s recent advice and intervention has been ignored by the Mayor.  Recent strike action resulted in the petrol bombing of the office of the municipal manager, a surge of violent protest and roads being blockaded.  This, along with the illegal and procedurally incorrect activities and decisions of the Mayor is rendering Endumeni ungovernable.

The DA expects the MEC to act swiftly and to place the interests of the people of Endumeni first.  This municipality must be placed under administration with immediate effect and disciplinary action taken against the Mayor.  Anything less is unacceptable.

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