DA launches KZN registration campaign

Sizwe Mchunu, MPP

DA Leader in KwaZulu-Natal

On Tuesday, 18 June, the Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal officially launched their voter registration campaign in the Ugu District.

This campaign, which will continue over the next few weeks, will see DA Leader in KZN Sizwe Mchunu travelling the length and breadth of the province with the aim of encouraging people to vote while at the same time interacting with party activists and the public at large.

Mchunu interacted with the communities of Kwanzimakwe, Masinenge, Merlewood, St Faiths Umzumbe and Albersville.

While Mchunu was grateful for the positive manner in which the DA was received in these communities, he was appalled by the dire living conditions that he witnessed.

Residents who interacted with Mchunu and other DA public reps said they had lost hope that their lives and social conditions would ever improve as the government was still failing to live up to its promises 20 years after democracy.

Mchunu will continue to hold the ANC to account and pressure them into ensuring that public funds are channelled to where they are needed most.

Mchunu will go out to the communities of Oshabeni, Umzinto, Amandawe, Vulamehlo – Inkwali and Vulamehlo – Mgendwa as a wrap up to the first phase of the registration campaign.

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