DA Limpopo escorted by the police out of Legislature

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

Democratic Alliance Members of the Legislature were today escorted by the police out of the legislature precinct after being illegally chased out by the Speaker Mr. Rudolph Phaala.

This came after MEC Radzilani responded to my colleague’s Mrs. Kennedy debate on Safety and Security, and said that we did not contribute positively but merely opposed.

I said that the MEC was talking “nonsense”.  When the Speaker said I should withdraw, I refused.

We remain resolute that there is nothing un-parliamentary about the use of this. It simply means there is no sense in what the member was saying.

In fact there is indeed no sense in what the MEC said.

The DA has, among many other things, submitted a private members bill called Limpopo Community Safety Bill.

This bill is a positive contribution to make Limpopo a safe province and if implemented would make policing more effective.

The MEC has failed to respond to our call at least to debate this bill.

By chasing us out of the Legislature, the Speaker Mr. Phaala stifled debate and acted in a very undemocratic member.

The DA will be reintroducing the Limpopo Community Safety Bill once more to the relevant portfolio committee.  This will once more challenge MEC Radzilani to see who is not doing a thing.

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