DA relieved that new Life Hospital still has a chance

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape – Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance is relieved that the application for the new Life Hospital in Klisserville has been put back on Sol Plaatje’s agenda and that this development still has a fighting chance of going ahead. The DA is fully in support of this development and will push hard for its approval.

DA councillor, Peet Louw, confirmed that the matter is again scheduled to go before the council’s Spelum Committee on 4 July 2013. He also said that while the committee’s recommendations had on a previous occasion been confused for their votes, this time round there is a good chance that a positive outcome can be expected. Peet Louw also explained that while the committee had indicated its preference to see hospital developments also taking place in areas like Galeshewe and Roodepan, this did not mean that the committee was opposed to this development. In fact, in this specific case it is only logical that a specialized hospital, such as the Life Hospital (which specializes in cardiology, cardiothoracic services, neurosurgery and radiation oncology) be situated in close vicinity of other medical facilities such as general hospitals, blood testing services and x-ray services. Peet Louw further committed DA councillors to voting in favour of this application.

The DA is firmly of the of the view that, in order for Kimberley to move forward as a city of choice, we simply cannot afford to turn down any developments that will improve the quality of life of our residents and boost our economy. Plans are finally underway to boost the city’s bulk infrastructure, and whilst this served as a major deterrent to development in the past, we cannot allow the Northern Cape to continue to lose out on expansion opportunities that other provinces are only too eager to take away from us. Furthermore, in response to comments that the new Life Hospital will turn the CBD into a “hospital village” – this should be viewed as a draw card for the city and in turn welcomed. The expansion of health services in Kimberley will strengthen the local economy and improve the overall image of this community. A strong health care system is attractive for people looking to start businesses, or major manufacturers that want to come into the area.  After all, if you don’t have a strong health care system, people aren’t going to relocate there.

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