DA welcomes Mchunu’s hard line against incompetence

Tom Stokes, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Education

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal supports provincial education MEC, Senzo Mchunu’s call to fire incompetent officials and teachers.

The DA has long argued that it is not the inability of learners but the incompetence of teachers, principals and officials that is the prime cause for low academic standards across our country.

We have warned for some time that cadre deployment and the protection of incompetence by SADTU leadership, along with inappropriate promotion of individuals based on political and tribal affiliations, will eventually catch up with the ANC.

It is encouraging to see that Mchunu is at last admitting this and is honest enough to address the problem head on.

Accountability is the touchstone of all successful businesses and countries.  Until principals and teachers and officials are held directly accountable for the tasks assigned to them, the lack of timeous remediation to the host of ills bedevilling education will continue.

What is needed is a detailed audit of human resources.  The effectiveness of each institution and level of officialdom must be established to weed out the incompetent and replace them with the many capable individuals waiting in the wings to assume responsible positions.

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