Documentation Centre announcement a victory for the DA

George Mari, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Arts and Culture

On-going pressure by the Democratic Alliance has at last led to the return of a building to the Documentation Centre for the display of artefacts and heirlooms, most of which have been lying in storage for six years.

The DA is delighted by the announcement, made late last week by the KZN Arts and Culture MEC, which will see the double-storey building removed from the KZN Music House and returned to its rightful owner, the 1860 Heritage Centre.

The move will enable the recently elected Board to move forward and ensure that these priceless heritage items are removed from storage, refurbished, documented and displayed as they should be.

Now that this issue has been dealt with, the Indian community can look forward to the long-awaited reopening of the centre in November.

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