Fransman sings and dances as ANC closes 1000’s of schools

Ivan Meyer MPP

Leader of the DA in the Western Cape

ANC Western Cape Chair Marius Fransman’s song and dance outside the Western Cape High Court yesterday demonstrates his hypocrisy and political opportunism given that his party is preparing to close 310 schools in the Eastern Cape as we speak.

The Western Cape Education Department must now fight a court battle against the ANC-driven ‘Save our Schools’ front to enroll learners from 17 schools into better educational environments away from obstacles to learning like multi-grade classrooms.

Our caring approach toward learners, which includes the building of 50 schools since 2009 and a further 72 in the pipeline, will mean that the Western Cape will have zero under-performing schools by 2014.

Meanwhile the ANC is closing 1000’s of schools country-wide as the public education system collapses in provinces like the Eastern Cape and Limpopo.

The ANC’s record on school closures makes this demonstration outside court today one of the biggest acts of hypocrisy South Africans are likely to see.

If the ANC-driven ‘Save our Schools’ front was a genuine interest group, it would be mounting a campaign to save schools in provinces like the Eastern Cape. But the truth is that ‘Save our Schools’ is merely an ANC-front to help its cynical attempt to take power back in the Western Cape next year.

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