HRC to investigate home-made toilets in Limpopo

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) in Limpopo has on Friday agreed to a DA request to investigate the appalling conditions under which the people of Disteneng Informal Settlement in Polokwane live.

An estimated 27 000 people live in Disteneng, sharing 20 self-made toilets and only three taps for water. The settlement has existed for more than a decade now and not a single basic service delivery measure has been provided to them.

The DA conducted an oversight visit to this area today and found horrifying levels of neglect from government.  There is virtually no government sponsored sanitation and people have to resort to constructing very dangerous structures to use as toilets.

There is no place to dispose of waste or refuse and the area has turned into a health hazard.

The Limpopo government should at least be providing some level of basic service delivery such as toilets and more taps for running water. There is also an urgent need for temporary measures to be put in place while these services are being rolled out.

The DA trusts the HRC will conduct a thorough investigation and put pressure on government to deliver for the people of Disteneng.

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