NW Municipal Public Accounts Committee (MPAC) Imbizo exposes ANC’s Achilles Heel

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in North West

During a NW MPAC Imbizo in Rustenburg, in which methods en procedures to handle their oversight role in public accounts were discussed, a number of NW ANC Councillors complained about ANC interference in MPAC activities.

Councillors indicated that interference from ANC structures are impeding their work when they need to address issues of fraud and corruption involving other ANC members. Although the Chairperson of the North West Public Accounts Committee, Patrick Chauke, provided clear guidance about the apolitical and non-partisan approach that Public Accounts committees should adopt, it was clear that NW Municipal Public Accounts Committee  are still being held as hostages by ANC structures.

These ANC utterances gave impetus to persistent speculation that some ANC structures may be beneficiaries to the proceeds of fraud and corruption and that NW municipal finances have become the target of organised political crime.

The DA will continue to be vigilant of efforts to block the scrutiny of suspect transactions and will train its MPAC members in fulfilling their MPAC oversight role.


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