Oudtshoorn deserves a DA Council

Theuns Botha MPP

Deputy Leader of the DA in the Western Cape


The Stoffels vs. van Wyk case in which the ANC is contesting the DA’s appointment of a new Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Speaker in Oudtshoorn has not yet been placed on the court roll. Western Cape Deputy Judge President Jeanette Traverso today retained the file and stated that the case will be allocated to a Judge at a later stage.

The DA submitted a motion for a meeting on the 19th of June to again remove the ANC’s Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Speaker in Oudtshoorn. If this renewed attempt by the DA to take over the Council is disrupted again, the DA will approach the High Court in order to enforce the take-over.

It is clear that the ANC cannot afford the subsequent exposure of their mismanagement and maladministration in the Oudtshoorn Municipality. However, the DA is now in the majority and the eventual take-over is inevitable. Oudtshoorn deserves a DA government.

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