Police Afrikaans ban requires investigation

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The DA in Gauteng is deeply concerned about a supposed ban on languages other than English in dealing with the police at station level.

According to Beeld this morning a Pretoria resident was told that he was not permitted to submit a statement or open a case docket with the police in Afrikaans. According to the report the police only accepts statements in English.

This is not in line with the Constitution which recognises the need to develop and promote all eleven official languages and does not comply with the National Langauge Police Framework.

I will question Gauteng police on this supposed policy shift and request a full investigation into the incident.

Failure by the police to serve citizens in the language they most effectively communicate in – whether it be Sepedi, isiZulu or Afrikaans – has serious implications for effective policing.

South Africa has eleven official languages and each of these languages must be accommodated equally otherwise it is an infringement of the very core of the constitution and is discriminatory.

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