Sheriff attaches Gauteng health furniture

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

It is really shameful that the sheriff of the court has attached furniture from the Gauteng Health Department’s head office because of non-payment of a R750 000 medical negligence claim.

On 26 March this year, the South Gauteng High Court ordered the Department  to pay R750 000 to Ms Queen Mpinga as an interim  payment pending finalisation of her injury claim for damages  after she lost her left leg as a result of negligent treatment which she received at the Pholosong Hospital in November 2006.

She needs the money urgently as she has been unable to work as a self-employed vendor, and cannot easily move around as she does not have suitable prosthetics.

The following furniture has been attached:

400 computers

600 desks

800 chairs

50 printers

50 filing cabinets

The sheriff attached this furniture on 13 June, and it will be removed on 13 July in order to be auctioned off unless the department pays up.

The Department has a bad history of late payments for court orders. It should respect the court and pay promptly as Mpinga needs the money urgently.

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