Still no textbooks as mid-year exams end in Limpopo

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Spokesperson on Basic Education

Education MEC Dickson Masemola has admitted to the Limpopo legislature that there are still no textbooks in many Limpopo schools even as mid-year exams draw to a close.

The admission was made during a response to a debate on the Education Budget Vote in the legislature.

In his response the MEC said” those shortages as I speak have been procured. Deliveries have started and of course in a week or two those outstanding shortages in the province will have been delivered. They have been procured two weeks ago, have been delivered to schools and are there in our warehouse”.

This admission from the MEC comes amidst much denial from the officials of his department about the shortages of textbooks. It also comes as schools were closing for their midyear vacations.

We have today written to MEC Masemola to seek answers for the following questions:

With regards to the textbooks which are still in the warehouse;

  • What subjects are those textbooks, and for which grades;
  • Which schools do they still need to be delivered to;
  • What plans were put in place to assist students as they were already writing exams.

This comes in the context that schools in the province had not yet been paid their norms and standards allocation. MEC Maseloma attributed this failure to a “technical systematic challenge” and yet it means there was no money to make copies for those learners who still do not have textbooks.

The DA’s attempts to elicit President Zuma’s urgent intervention have only been met with a mere acknowelegment of receipt.

We challenge MEC Masemola to respond to our concerns within 10 days before the schools reopen for the last half of the academic year.

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