System must protect innocent victims

Makhosazana Mdlalose, MPP

Democratic Alliance

The recent rape of a teenage girl in KwaZulu-Natal – by a male nurse at a clinic in Nqutu – is yet another horror story in our province.

The young woman visited the clinic for treatment for a bladder infection.  Instead of receiving the treatment she needed, she was violated by someone who was supposed to help her.

It is alarming that this young woman was so ashamed by what had happened that she could not even bring herself to tell her school friend, who had accompanied her to the clinic, only telling her class teacher later when she got back to school.  It is an indictment against society that she was too fearful and embarrassed to report the incident immediately.

It is time that a clear message was sent.

Young woman who find themselves in this dreadful situation need to know that they can speak out.  They need to know that they will be taken seriously and that the system is there to protect them.

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