The hypocrisy of the ANC persists

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Northern Cape Provincial Leader

 The Democratic Alliance is of the view that the time has come to expose the ANC for its persistent practice of hypocrisy.

The ANC speaks about “together we can do more”, however it fails to specify that by “together”, they refer only to the politically well connected. In this respect, there is an absolute marginalization of those who are not political insiders, and those who are not linked to the John Block gang.

This very hypocrisy can be seen in the way that Block and his cronies are treated by government, in comparison to the way that ordinary citizens are treated by the very same government.

John Block, for instance currently faces over R450 million worth of fraud, corruption and racketeering charges for securing contracts with shady businessman Gaston Savoi and his company Intaka. At the same time, John Block stands accused of abusing his position as then MEC of Public Works, to award work to the Trifecta Group at inflated leases, in turn receiving kickbacks along with MP Yolanda Botha and MEC of Coghsta, Alvin Botes.

In stark contrast to the way in which these alleged fraudsters are worshiped and treated like royalty, is the deplorable treatment of at least three provincial educators, who choose not to be affiliated with SADTU, which we all know yields much power within government. And hence, these educators find themselves out of favour with the ANC.

Mr Jan de Kock, a former principle of Venus Primary School, was chased away from the school when he tried to reclaim his position, despite him winning an arbitration award from was the Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC).  He is not alone. The intimidation of Enid Davids, who is also an educator at Venus Primary School, is another case in point.  Davids was dismissed and eventually reinstated after five appearances in the Labour Court and the Labour Appeals Court. Despite these interventions, she is still being harassed in the work place. Davids has already paid a considerable amount of money, to the tune of R169 000, to prove her innocence. There is also the case of George Claasen, a mathematician by profession, who is facing similar charges.

The above paints a picture of a government that awards those who are corrupt, yet punishes those who are innocent.  The above is also proof thereof that, while the ANC professes to be a party for everyone, in reality it is exclusively for the political elite and their cronies. In contrast, the DA really is a party for everyone. We believe that people should not be held back because of arbitrary criteria such as gender, religion, colour or the prejudice of those in power. Instead, in the DA’s “open opportunity society for all”, outcomes are linked to opportunity, effort and ability, not special favours dispensed by a ruling clique in the ruling party.  

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