Tshwane Informal Settlement has no water

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

The Lethabong informal settlement east of Pretoria has run out of water this weekend.

The situation is dire for more than 6000 Lethabong residents as water trucks from the Tshwane Metro Council last filled up the water tanks there on Friday.

Water shortages are a constant problem in Lethabong, which I visited last week on Tuesday and stayed the night with Mr Walter Mthombeni, the Chairperson of the Concerned Residents Group.

Residents have to use pipes to get water from the top of the tanks as most of the taps are gone (photos available on request).

It is inhuman for Lethabong residents to be denied the basic human right to water.

Instead of water tanks, taps should be installed from nearby water pipes.

Meanwhile, DA councillors are doing what they can to get reliable water supplies to Lethabong as the local ANC ward councillor does not seem to care.

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