You got rid of White, now eradicate the rest of the rot

Bokkie Geyer MPP

DA Constituency Head for Cederberg

After numerous complaints, objections and warnings by the Democratic Alliance (DA), the ANC in the Western Cape finally axed the corrupt Mayor of Cederberg, Jonas White.

According to the ANC’s findings, Mr. White did not only violate the ANC’s Constitution, the sexual misconduct that he was found guilty of also constitutes contraventions of the criminal law.

For more than two years, White and the leader of the ANC in the Western Cape, Marius Fransman, scoffed at warnings and facts provided by the DA. Their answer to this was frantic rants in which the DA was accused of racism and delusion. White himself went as far as calling my warnings “sensasionalist and ludicrous”!

The DA contacted the Public Protector on 4 July 2012, 21 August 2012 and again in September 2012 to report cases or maladministration, financial mismanagement and corruption in the ANC-led Cederberg Municipality. I believe that this action as well as the Hawks clamping down in Cederberg in April this year, eventually made it untenable for the Provincial ANC to continue tolerating the immense problems in that Municipality.

Getting rid of White, however, is only the beginning. The rot in the Cederberg Municipality filtered down from the top and infiltrated every fibre of the municipality. Unless the full extent of the corruption and mismanagement that took place there is exposed, proper service delivery and clean administration will never become a reality for the people of Cederberg.

I call on the ANC to unequivocally support the Public Protector and the Hawks in doing just that.

The DA will continue to fight for better governance and will expose ANC fraud, corruption and maladministration wherever we experience or observe it.

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