ANC continuing to block effective oversight in Western Cape

Anroux Marais MPP

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Health

Note: Statement as delivered in the Provincial Parliament 25 July 2013

Mr Speaker, I would like to bring to this House’s attention that at a Standing Committee meeting on Health, held on 24 July 2013, not one ANC member was present. Mr Speaker, this is not the first time it has happened and this has become a serious concern.

The meeting was scheduled to brief the Standing Committee on Health on the Mental Healthcare Amendment Bill and to consider and deliberate the draft report on the Western Cape District Health Councils Amendment Bill. Mr Speaker, this could not be done because the ANC simply chose not to attend the meeting.

Politics aside, Mr Speaker the Standing Committee on Health deals with critical issues to redress healthcare in the Western Cape. For the ANC to neglect to attend these important meetings, where decisions can be made, is a slap in the face of the people of the Western Cape who are in dire need of these services.

The ANC refuses to participate in the democratically elected government and the people of the Western Cape have to bear the brunt of their actions.

The DA will not tolerate this, and encourage the ANC to open and maintain the democratic space of this Legislature because we are “Better Together” in delivering healthcare to all the people of the Western Cape.