ANC is acting negligent in provincial government

Anroux Marais

DA Western Cape Spokesperson for Health and Social Development

Today, 31 July 2013, the ANC once again failed their oversight role and prohibited service delivery, by again not attending the Standing Committee on Health in the Western Cape Provincial Legislature. The Standing Committee on Health conducted a public hearing in the Chamber on the Mental Health Care Amendment Bill. This is a national piece of legislation that is of vital importance for the care of committed patients.

One of the bigger issues the Director General deals with is the placement and assessment of mental health patients referred by the Judicial System. Currently, the Director General (DG) of the National Department of Health is the only authority responsible for the assessment and placement of patients, referred by the judicial system. These cases must be re-evaluated every 6 months by the DG. This puts tremendous strain on the National Health DG and this is one of many tasks the DG must perform.  There are more than 3000 cases that need to be dealt with every 6 months. This is also one of the important issues that the Mental Health Amendment Bill wants to address. The bill proposes that the DG be enabled to delegate this task to alternative national health officials.

The fact that the ANC did not show for this public meeting meant that the committee did not have a quorum to complete the negotiated mandate for the NCOP. The ANC is prohibiting the progress of extremely important legislation, causing massive backlogs and problems within the Health system. The ANC members in this legislature continue to receive salaries from the taxpayers but do not keep their end of the bargain and fail to do their jobs as public representatives without apology or excuse. They are more interested in sabotaging the provincial government by failing not to work than in the people who are truly suffering because of their negligence.

The DA will continue to fulfil our oversight role, ensuring good governance and exposing the ANC’s negligent and careless attitude towards the people of the Western Cape.