ANC Occupation of Offices – DA to meet ANC in Supreme Court

Chris Hattingh MPL

DA Leader in the North West

The former Executive Mayor of the Tlokwe Municipality, Mr Maphetle Maphetle, and the Tlokwe Speaker, Barei Segotso, this morning served papers on the 48 Councillors (26 ANC 19 DA 2 FF+ and 1 Cope) as respondents in an application to be filed in the Supreme Court in Pretoria.

Maphetle and Segotso’s application wants the Council meeting of the 2nd July during which the second motion of no-confidence in Maphetle was unanimously accepted, to be declared invalid and all resolutions taken at the meeting to be reversed.

The DA will, on behalf of its Councillors, fully respond to the application and is also considering a counter-application.

It is clear that even after the ANC’s acknowledgement that “the ANC was slow to deal with the allegations of fraud and corruption”, an euphemism for sweeping it under the table, the ANC will stop at nothing to frustrate democratic processes.

The ANC campaigning in Potchefstroom during the past two days emphasised that residents are only regarded by the ANC as voting fodder with no hope to receive the frequently promised services or even responses on the community’s concern about fraud, corruption and maladministration.

While we proceed with our efforts to end Maphetle and his former mayoral committee’s illegal occupation of the Municipal Offices, we will also continue with our planning and endeavours to have the Tlokwe Municipality restored back to delivery mode.